…my name is Tom Baldwin, and at that moment in 2009, I knew Photography was going to be my passion of life.

I was on a sheer cliff corner of a busy road overlooking the stunning, twinkling, colour filled lights of Athens docks… That image became the central piece of a montage viewed by the general public in my early journey as a photographer.

Whilst my passion is for all aspects of photography, I particularly appreciate creating imagery that is made unique by using manipulation or retouch methods.

Early on, a friend introduced me to Photoshop – I took an immediate interest. I like the boldness of the ability to twist my existing imagery, to stretch concepts, add new dimension and to see what new visions and ideas can be brought to the art of photography. In teaching me the basics, that early guidance has paved the path for me to develop greater skills.

The Digital Age opens up all sorts of opportunities for me to generate an eclectic mix of imagery to suit a diverse range of clients. I love digital tools and technology because it gives you the ability to transpose the thoughts and ideas in your head and warp the very pixels you see in front of you.

My passion and influence is fundamentally enthused by surrealism and I take inspiration from all aspects of life but have particular resonance with photographic artists who attempt to push boundaries in making ideas visible in a photographic sense.